Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Joyce Fiddles Around with "Bolero"

After Joyce Yang's April 13 performance of Beethoven's Emperor Concerto with the Corpus Christi Symphony and the piano was wheeled offstage, she returned to the stage with a violin.  Joyce recounts, "The night before the concert I mentioned that I used to play the violin. Maestro John Giordano joked in passing, 'You should sit in for Ravel's Bolero in the second half!'

What started out as a joke became reality when I was handed a violin and my set of scores during intermission. I thought, 'It's now or never!' and proceeded to my chair in the back of the first violin section with a jacket over my gown. There I began my debut as a section player with the instruction, 'When in doubt, just pizz.' It was a thrilling experience, and most importantly, I played my last note with the rest of the orchestra! In the end, Beethoven was probably a lot happier with my performance than Ravel."